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September Prayer Points

September 1st, 2014

Prayer Points SEP vv

There are many who have written about the spiritual life, but few have done so with as much depth and clarity as E. Stanley Jones. A passionate follower of Jesus, Jones’ missionary endeavors in India were and are legendary — and that’s a modest assessment. One well-known Bishop, a contemporary of Dr. Jones, described him as “the greatest Christian missionary since Saint Paul.” While that may sound like hyperbole, there’s a great body of missionary work to support such a stellar endorsement, including the Christian Ashram movement, which continues to this day.

Dr. Jones understood the importance of prayer and wrote extensively about it, even going so far as to say that “all reformation, individual and collective, begins in some one’s prayer closet.” Though we may have never put it as succinctly or eloquently as Dr. Jones, we have, from the earliest days of our ministry, embraced the truth that prayer changes things. It “digs the channels from the reservoirs of God’s boundless resources to the tiny pools of our lives.” There’s nothing like it in the world. For more than 22 years we’ve lived on the receiving end of unimaginable blessing, and that’s because an omnipotent God has chosen to respond to the persistent, believing prayers of his people.


The healing of Pastor Dhanu Nayak. Dhanu is a faithful servant of God and an important part of our ministry. He pastors in the state of Odisha, which over the last several years has become a hotbed for violence against Christians. Dhanu was rendered blind by what is known locally as “black magic.” We are asking God to restore his sight completely so that the villagers will know that Dhanu’s God is more powerful than the god of this world.

Our dear brothers, Pastors Marsel and Pradeep, both of whom are part of the Vision Nationals’ family. Like Dhanu, these men and their loved ones live in the state of Odisha. Because of their Christian faith, they are experiencing intense religious hostility from those in their village. Their food rations have been cut off and so has their access to the village well. Please continue to pray for the safety and well-being of Marsel, Pradeep, their respective families, and their congregations during this outbreak of persecution.

The three new churches that were started in August by Pastors Surya, Satti Babu, and Anandha Paul. Pray that the gospel will continue to take root and grow and that many in the surrounding communities will hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

The flourishing of the Indian church, especially in those areas where religious persecution is on the rise.

God’s continued blessing on Madhurawada Church, which serves as an outpost of the kingdom of God in the city of Vizag. We thank God for providing this growing congregation with a new building and a new opportunity to minister to more people through a second worship service that is done entirely in English. As you pray for God’s continued blessing on this extraordinary church, please keep her leaders, parishioners, and not-yet-Christian neighbors in mind.

The completion of the four church buildings that are currently under construction. It is our prayer that in the months and years to come these buildings will be filled to capacity and become a testament to God’s grace in the predominantly Hindu communities in which they’re being built. Pray for Pastors Jeremiah, Joseph, and Devaraj as they oversee construction of these new churches.

The 20 kids who are now being loved and cared for at a new children’s home we opened in L.N. Peta, Srikakulam District, two months ago. As the footprint of our ministry continues to expand, please pray that God will provide the resources we need to minister to the most vulnerable, potential-laden population in India: children.

The completion of our new school, which we’re hoping to finish in the next few months. Again, it bears repeating: God’s provision for this project was nothing short of amazing, and we give him all the glory. Once it’s ready for occupancy, this new building will provide us with the space we need to educate hundreds more children, many of whom come from materially-poor families.

God’s favor to rest upon us as we plant churches, train nationals, and care for orphans and widows in India.

Thank you for praying for Vision Nationals — it “moves the arm that moves the world.”

Since 1992, Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for orphans and widows in India. Through your prayers and financial gifts God has graciously sustained our work.

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India in the News | 08.28.14

August 28th, 2014

India in the News AUG

Once a month we cull the headlines to bring you stories from the world’s largest democracy — its politics, economy, culture and everyday life.

India swaps ice for rice in new bucket challenge

“The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has morphed into a considerably warmer and drier alternative in India. Enter the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge.’ Indian journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi, who works for the U.S.-based rice research website, says when she first heard about the ice bucket challenge, she got thinking. ‘Why waste water?’ she asks. ‘I felt like doing something more locally tangible.’ ” read more

Modi to launch plan for every Indian household to have bank account

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi will promise on Thursday to provide a bank account for every Indian household when he launches a major initiative that could save billions of dollars in welfare spending and help mend strained state finances. India has grown to become Asia’s third largest economy, but nearly two-fifths of its 1.27 billion people do not have a bank account.” read more

At India Fest, thousands take in culture without passport

“One indication of Minnesota’s growing Indian-American community is the ever-expanding annual celebration of India’s Independence Day. On Saturday, India Fest drew more than 10,000 people to the State Capitol’s mall, packed with henna artists, booths, food and cultural dances — the biggest event that the India Association of Minnesota has held in at least 10 years.” read more

Baseball stars plucked from poverty in India to become pro players in the US

“The amazing tale of two dirt-poor Indian boys who became pro US baseball pitchers after being discovered on a reality TV show has been turned into a Hollywood movie. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel grew up in rural villages and had never even heard of the game but were picked from 37,000 other Indian lads in the TV talent search. They left India for the first time and were signed to the famous Pittsburgh Pirates — just 13 months after taking up baseball.” read more

Poverty, lack of education undermining efforts to end child marriage

“India has witnessed a decline in child marriage in the last two decades, but going by the slow pace it will require another 50 years to abolish the practice from the country, according to UNICEF. ‘Child marriage has been declining at a rate of one per cent per year in the last two decades, but at this rate it will be eliminated in 50 years or so,’ UNICEF Child Protection Specialist in India Dora Giusti told PTI.” read more

Kandhamal Day recalls persecuted Christians in India

“As awareness and concern about the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq grows, persecuted Christians in India are raising awareness of their own plight. Monday marks the sixth anniversary of the horrific violence that erupted against Christians in the Kandhamal District in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, formerly known as Orissa. It is reportedly the worst outbreak of anti-Christian violence in post-independence India.” read more

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Training Leaders in India

August 19th, 2014

training leaders in india

Training leaders is one of our passions. We love it. Other than prayer, we know of no better way to equip the church for mission in the Indian context than to invest in the ongoing development of her leaders.

As we do each July, last month we hosted a pastors’ training event at our campus in Vizag. Despite the heavy rains that blanketed our city, hundreds of Christian leaders joined us as Pastors Richard Brindley, Michael Woodall, Dustin Selzak, Jeff Potts, and Joab Rico facilitated a week-long exploration of “The Multifaceted Gospel.” Those who had the privilege of hearing these men, each of whom traveled from the U.S. to teach, were emboldened to fix their eyes on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.

In addition to the pastors and church planters in attendance, the faculty and student body of Master’s College of Theology also participated in the conference, as they do every year. In many ways, this event serves to strengthen and encourage the Master’s College family as they embark on another academic year, full of new challenges and opportunities.

As the week progressed a great surge of spiritual renewal swept across our campus, and by the time the last session ended there was an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what took place. In answer to our prayers, God spoke through each one of our conference speakers and saw fit to revive the call and commitment of so many of our pastors, students, and staff.

For every opportunity to train and encourage Christian leaders in India, we give God thanks. He makes it possible. But our gratitude doesn’t end there. The fact that our partners are so committed to proclaiming the gospel in all of its multifaceted brilliance that they’d be willing to travel halfway around the world to share that message with us is incredible. We are so grateful that they came.

Since 1992, Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for orphans and widows in India. Through your prayers and financial gifts God has graciously sustained our work.

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