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December 18th, 2014

Bringing Light to Dark Places

A year-end message from Pastor Arjuna

December’s moving so fast. Here we are just a few days before Christmas. With all the season’s busyness, it can be so easy to forget that light and love and hope have come near in the person of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. Such good news!

Just a few nights ago I shared the story of Jesus’ birth with hundreds of rural villagers, many of whom had never heard Jesus’ name spoken in their native tongue. What an extraordinary privilege to see God at work, reconciling people to Himself.

Bringing light to dark places is more than a clever slogan, it’s our passion. It’s why we exist: to bring the light of the gospel to those trapped in spiritual darkness.

As you have opportunity, please pray for India, and for us. Your prayers are powerful and effective and make a tremendous difference.

More than anything else, India needs Jesus, and it’s my hope that as we continue to proclaim Him thousands upon thousands of lives will be transformed, made new by the power of the gospel.

As always, year-end donations to our ministry are greatly appreciated. No matter the dollar amount, your support changes lives and helps sustain our mission.

From all of us at Vision Nationals, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him.

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Bringing Light to Dark Places

December 11th, 2014

Bringing Light to Dark Places

Bringing light to dark places… think about what those five words mean in a country like India, a place where there’s more human need and more unreached people groups than any other nation on earth.

I was there just a few weeks ago and was deeply moved by what I saw. Through the ministry of Vision Nationals, God’s love and faithfulness are being experienced in places previously untouched by the Gospel. Pastors and church planters are being trained in record numbers. Impoverished children are being cared for and educated. Widows and the elderly are being looked after.

I am so thankful to be a part of this organization, this movement God is using to transform lives.

As Christmas approaches, I hope that you’ll support our ministry with a one-time gift of $25, because now more than ever, we have work to do.

Today there remain millions of Indians who have never heard the simple refrain that so many of us take for granted: Jesus loves you. I invite you to partner with us as we carry that hope-filled message to those who so desperately need to hear it.

We have to do more, and with God’s help and yours, we will.

Your support changes lives. Make a donation today and help us continue bringing light to dark places in the year ahead.

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How We Care for Kids

December 10th, 2014

How We Care for Kids

2014 has been a challenging year for our ministry as we made the difficult decision to temporarily close our children’s home. Concerned about the well-being of children in institutional settings — a concern we share, by the way — the Indian government mandated that completely separate dormitories be built for boys and girls. Both genders could no longer live in the same building, under the same roof, even if they live on different floors, which was the arrangement we had at Master’s Home for Children.

In order to comply with the new law we needed three things that were in short supply: money, time, and space to build. Obviously, there’s a significant cost associated with building two new dormitories ($150,000 minimum), and the time allotted to begin and finish a construction project of that magnitude just wasn’t enough. On top of that, our current campus is maxed out. In order to build more buildings, we need more land. So we made the painful decision to send the majority of our kids back to their extended families. It wasn’t easy. There were lots of tears shed. But we had no other choice.

As difficult as all of this has been — and at times it’s been excruciating — our response has not been one of resignation. We are still caring for kids. And your sponsorship dollars are still making a tremendous difference. Some of the children’s names and faces may be different, but we are as committed as we have ever been to transforming the lives of children. Here’s how:

  1. In June we opened a new children’s home in Srikakulam District — 19 kids are being loved and cared for in a safe, familial environment.
  2. In September we entered into a formal partnership with Lalitha Children’s Home, an orphanage that was on the brink of closure due to insufficient funding. Fifty-seven orphans call Lalitha home, and now that things have stabilized financially they are not at risk of being displaced.
  3. In addition, we are actively supporting at-risk children in Visakhapatnam, each of whom struggles under the burden of material poverty.
  4. And we continue to support many of the children who became family to us the minute they walked through the doors of Master’s Home.

It’s your generosity that makes all of this possible. A few months ago, we could have never imagined that the temporary closure of our children’s home would result in more kids being helped, but that is exactly what has happened.

Finally, you may be wondering if Master’s Home for Children will reopen. It most certainly will. As we prepare, by faith, for our next season of ministry in India, we are thinking and praying a lot about what it means for us to impact future generations, and the establishment of a new children’s home is our first priority. We’re still working out all the details, including what this new home will look like, but we believe that over the coming decades it will change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of children.

We are genuinely excited about what lies ahead. By God’s grace, the next iteration of Master’s Home will be better than the first, and our sponsorship program, which is fueled by your faithful support, will continue to be a lifeline for the vulnerable, abandoned, and orphaned children we are called to love and care for.

Thank you for partnering with us in this life-changing work.

Since 1992, Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for orphans and widows in India. Through your prayers and financial gifts God has graciously sustained our work.

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