A Church for Hamu Thanda

Last month God made a way for us to open five new church buildings in India. One of those buildings, located in the village of Hamu Thanda, belongs to a church that was started by Pastor Luka Naik.

Pastor Luka standing in front of Hamu Thanda Church

Pastor Luka standing in front of Hamu Thanda Church

Luka’s a first generation Christian, the only member of his family to be saved, and he has an incredible burden to reach his ancestral tribe, the Lambadi, with the Gospel.

When he began sharing the Good News of Jesus in Hamu Thanda four years ago, Luka was met with intense resistance. Some of his own family members actively opposed his ministry and treated him harshly.

A very superstitious people, the Lambadi are known for worshipping idols and practicing witchcraft, spending what little money they have to appease the gods and garner their favor. When Luka refused to give money for the festival of a local deity, his brother began persecuting him and to this day remains one of his most ardent detractors.

Believers gather for the inaugural service on August 4

Believers gather for the inaugural service on August 4

Despite the opposition from villagers and relatives, Luka continued to tell others about Jesus. On several occasions, God confirmed the message Luka was sharing by healing people in the village. By 2012, just a year after Luka’s ministry began, a small group of believers were gathering in a home for worship and prayer, and Hamu Thanda Church was born.

As the church grew, it became clear that they would need their own building, so Luka approached us and asked for help. Realizing their need for more space, as well as the strategic importance of erecting a church in the middle of what had been an unreached village, we gave Luka the go-ahead to build. Within months, the church was finished, and on August 4 we dedicated their new building, the first Christian church the village had ever seen.

Help us build churches in the heart of the 10/40 Window.

Hamu Thanda 1

Ribbon cutting before the inaugural service

The growth of our church planting ministry has created an extraordinary opportunity to give towards the building of new churches. In most cases, a new church — like the ones we recently completed in Uppaluru, Duggivalasa, and Kalvapalli — costs around $5,000 to build. Typically, the pastor oversees construction of the building, and the congregation makes a small but sacrificial contribution towards the project. We are then able to provide a generous grant so that building materials can be purchased and construction can commence. With dozens of churches waiting to be built, your tax-deductible donation to the Church Building Support fund can make a tremendous difference in places like Hamu Thanda.

Since 1992 Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for India’s most vulnerable. Donations to support our work are greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be designated to the ministry, fund, or project of your choice.

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