A Church for Kalvapalli

To date we’ve planted more than 550 churches in South Asia, and by God’s grace we hope to plant thousands more. We’ve also trained hundreds of pastors since our inception. Equipping indigenous leaders, many of whom are first-generation Christians, is in our DNA — it’s central to who we are. And we wholeheartedly embrace James’ definition of true religion and seek to practice it throughout our network of ministries.

If you were to distill Vision Nationals down to its essence what you’d find is a ministry committed to bringing the Gospel to the nations through the local church. We are a movement of first and second generation Christians eager to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus among the least reached and least resourced people on earth.

It is not an easy thing to establish a church in a community with no known Christian presence. Many of our pastors experience varying degrees of hostility and opposition as they begin sharing the Gospel in a new place. It is not uncommon for the saving message of Jesus to be perceived as a threat. Stories of persecution, even martyrdom, have garnered international attention in one state where we work. Planting churches in a context like India is a challenging, rewarding, and sometimes dangerous endeavor, but the faith of our pastors compels them to make disciples no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Kalvapali Church

Kalvapalli Church Construction Site

One such pastor is Madhu Naik. Though he lives in a neighboring town with his wife and two young children, Madhu felt called by God to go to a nearby village called Kalvapalli. He began sharing the Gospel with villagers, and in a short amount of time dozens of people began to confess that Jesus is Lord. A church quickly grew around this confession, and before long there were more than 40 people worshipping Jesus every Sunday. It became clear that the congregation would need its own building, so Madhu approached us and asked for financial assistance so that he could begin building a church in the village. Moved by his story and his faithfulness, we quickly gave Madhu’s project the green light, and today a church is being built in Kalvapalli.

Now numbering more than 60 people, Kalvapalli Church continues to grow. It is our prayer that in the months and years to come their building will be filled to capacity and become a testament to God’s grace in the predominantly Hindu community in which it’s being built.

The exponential growth of our church planting ministry has created an extraordinary opportunity to give towards the building of new churches. Typically the pastor oversees construction of the building, and the congregation makes a small, but sacrificial contribution towards the project. We are then able to provide a generous grant so that the building materials can be purchased and construction can commence. With more than 40 churches waiting to be built, your tax-deductible donation to the Church Building Support fund can make a huge difference on the ground.

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