A Dream for Salvation, A Dream for Calling

Pastor Veeraragavulu was born into a Hindu family. When he was 25, he had his tonsils removed, but the operation wasn’t done correctly and he got very sick from it. The pastor in his village came to his house to pray for him and he was healed. Through this healing he came to Christ. He was the first believer in his family.

Three years later, his wife had a dream and saw a big boat with many people on it, but she wasn’t able to get on the boat and didn’t understand why. She heard a voice tell her it was because she was following false gods. She gave her life to Christ.

In 1997 Pastor Veeraragavulu was called into ministry by a dream in which he heard a voice say, “My dear son, do my ministry”. He shared this dream with his pastor and the pastor told him to start his ministry in a near by village. He did ministry there for two years and after than moved to Adavaladivi where he planted the church he now pastors. There are 20 members in the church in Adavaladivi.

Pastor Veeraragavulu’s Prayer Requests: “Please pray for spiritual growth of the people in my church and for more people to become believers in my village. We also need a church building, we have the land now so please pray we are able to build a building on the land.”

Vision Nationals trains and resources national church planters like Pastor Veeraragavulu. Our goal is to see Ten Thousand Churches planted in Asia in the next twenty years. If you would like to sponsor a church planter for $50 a month, you can give online.

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