A Story of a Dream that becomes Reality

“Pursue your dreams and silence your fears.”
Not a Story, but True; Not a Dream, but Reality.

Srinu Pulasari: Our children’s home boy becomes a medical Doctor.1 003
Srinu comes from a fishing community of one of the backward villages of the Srikakulam district. The fishermen in India always work hard to make their ends meet, and their lives are always in danger. Srinu’s parents desired to give him good education and send him to College but neither their financial nor living conditions had helped in any way. It was then Srinu was brought to our children home in 2003 through some known people and a Pastor. He was admitted in VI grade in our School.
While studying IX, Srinu came to the office along with the care-taker and expressed his desire to become a medical doctor. He promised that he would take his studies seriously, and pursue after that dream and said I know God will for sure help me. After completing X grade (high school in India), Srinu reconfirmed his desire to become a medical doctor. He then pursued his next two years in the same line and completed his 12) 2015 Going to Surgery Class in OT Apr 2015XII with an A grade.
He was not successful in obtaining medical seat in 2010 but requested for a long term (one year coaching). Believing God will do a work on his behalf we were able to put him for an year of special coaching which had prepared him to appear at his medical entrance exam in 2010-11. He was selected andadmitted into GSL medical College at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh in 2011. He had studied well all five years, kept good grades every semester, and had successfully completed his medical degree in Feb 2016. He will soon be joining the same college for a year of residency, after which he desires to practice.
In his letter to the Director on Feb 18, 2016, he said, “I am so thankful to God for giving me a dream when I did not have one. I am so thankful to my director and care-takers of Vision Nationals for trusting me by providing long-term coaching for one year, and your constant encouragement and support, without whose help I would have remaind as Srinu and not Dr.”IMG_5768 3
While practicing as Doctor, Srinu says, “I also have a burden to care and help freely the aged and physically challenged people.”
We are so thankful for the family that had financially supported his studies faithfully and enquired about him from time to time.

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