A Story of Serial Discipleship & Church Planting

Pastor Krupanandam

Pastor Krupanandam didn’t begin a career in full-time ministry until he was nearly half a century old! But in a few short years, he has planted five churches and raised up four men to pastor those churches. His is a story of serial church planting and discipleship.

Krupanandam grew up in a Hindu family. At the age of 13 he began to have some mental problems. Around the same time, a pastor came to their village and held a Gospel meeting. At the end, the pastor had an altar call and he went forward.

The pastor prayed for his healing, and he was healed! After this he began attending church. Ten years later, when he was 23 years old, he became an elder.

Most of his life was spent as a regular worker and in lay ministry. But when was 46 years old he had a dream that he planted many seeds and he watched them and they became fruitful. He believed this was God calling him into full time ministry.

He told his pastor about the dream and then began working to plant a church in Bathadasing village. There are now 100 believers that worship together there on Sundays. They also meet on Fridays for fasting and prayer and Saturdays for prayer.

Pastor Krupanandam and his wife Cinamadu in front of the thatch-shed where the church meets.

Pastor Krupanandam has planted four other churches out of the church in Bathadasing. These four churches are now pastored by men he discipled and raised up to care for the people at each church plant!

Pastor Krupanandam prayer requests: “Please pray that God would provide for a building for the church in Bathadasing to worship in. Please also pray as many new churches are needed and I desire to start many more churches. Pray that God would open doors for new works.”

Vision Nationals trains and resources national church planters like Pastor Krupanandam. Our goal is to see Ten Thousand Churches planted in Asia in the next twenty years. If you would like to sponsor a church planter for $50 a month, you can give online.

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