April Prayer Points

april_prayer_letterHave you had a chance to read Answers to Prayer from George Müller’s Narratives? It is a remarkable testament to faith, providing a rare glimpse into what it looks like for a human being to live in total reliance on God. Rare is the book that encourages such radical dependence on the Father. Rarer still is the humility that Mr. Müller conveys throughout Answers to Prayer. Here is a man who uses every word he writes to point people to God and to the “loving interest which our kind Father takes in everything that concerns us.”

If you find your faith waning, you should read Answers to Prayer. It will embolden you, I’m sure.

One excerpt I found particularly helpful, especially given all the challenges we’re facing in India, is from 1842. Mr. Müller writes, “…yet all believers are called upon, in the simple confidence of faith, to cast all their burdens upon Him, to trust in Him for everything, and not only to make everything a subject of prayer, but to expect answers to their petitions which they have asked according to His will, and in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

As we enter our 23rd year of ministry, we are reminded, thanks to Mr. Müller, that “the simple confidence of faith,” which is itself a gift from God, is all that’s required. There’s no need to complicate things. As we “trust in Him for everything” and “make everything a subject of prayer,” God answers us according to His will.


Pastor Prasadha Rao. For the last five years this dear brother has been critically ill. His wife has been his primary caregiver, and his sons, both of whom are pastors, have been carrying on the work their father started. This family is an important part of our church planting ministry. Please ask God to heal Pastor Prasadha, to strengthen his precious wife, and to empower his two sons as they extend the kingdom of God in Andhra Pradesh.

The construction of new churches. This month we will open three new church buildings in Andhra Pradesh. The first building is in the village of Revanuru; the other two buildings are in Srikakulam District. Pray for Pastors Anjaneyulu, Sankara Rao, and Gopal, their families, and their churches as they prepare for the dedication of these new buildings. Pray, too, that each new church building we erect becomes a place where people from the surrounding community can encounter the risen Christ.

Master’s School. Our high school students are in the midst of writing their final exams. Their vocational futures rest on their test results. Pray for this group of 19 students as they complete the testing and prepare for the next step in their educational journey. This is such an important week for them.

Favor with the local government. Earlier this year the local government made a unilateral decision to increase our property taxes by sixteen hundred percent, an exorbitant figure that was determined arbitrarily and feels to us like extortion. We are in the process of appealing this decision. As we talk and negotiate with city officials, please ask God to make them favorably disposed towards us. It can be a very difficult process, and we have no guarantees that they will rule in our favor.

Our ministry to children. This year ten kids from our child sponsorship program were enrolled in college, and we are elated that three of them will graduate this month. Satyannarayana and Shilpa will receive degrees in engineering, and John Babu has worked hard to finish all the requirements for his degree in theology. Please ask God to bless our kids, each of whom is afforded the opportunity to receive an education. By God’s grace, we look forward to caring for, educating, and empowering hundreds more children in the coming years.

Joey and Yisel Zorina. The Zorinas are in the early stages of planting a church in the world’s most populous city, Tokyo. Continue to pray for them as they proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus among the second-largest unreached people group in the world. Pray, too, that the Gospel will take root and grow in the hearts and lives of those who participate in their weekly home meetings and an upcoming outreach event on Saturday, June 6.

The wisdom and strength to carry out our mission. With growth comes challenges, and we are certainly experiencing our fair share of them. More than anything else, we are desperate for God’s empowering presence, for the wisdom and wherewithal to carry out our mission.

It’s not often that I finish a prayer letter by asking you to pray for my family, but this month, especially, we need your prayers. With all that’s going on throughout our network of ministries, we are sometimes overwhelmed. There are so many needs, so many decisions, so many demands on our time. As you have opportunity, please say a prayer for Raji and me. Thank you.

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