August Prayer Points

More than anything else, the prayers of God’s people are what sustain us as we plant churches, train nationals, and care for the most vulnerable in India. As we wholeheartedly embrace a posture of dependency on God — inviting his kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven — he graciously acts on our behalf.

Here are just a few of the things we’re praying for this month:

Our children’s home in Srikakulam District.

Under the leadership of Pastor Raju, our “Caregiver-in-Chief” at Master’s Home for Children in Srikakulam District, things have been going very well. There are now twenty-five formerly at-risk children being loved and cared for in a safe, familial environment. As you have opportunity, pray that God would make a way for us to buy an acre of land so that we can establish a permanent residence for our kids. Pray, too, that we would continue to make a difference in the lives of India’s poorest children.

The resolution of our property tax issue.

Continue to pray about this issue. We’re still working to reverse an exorbitant property tax increase involving our main campus in Vizag. Without a resolution, we can’t finish Master’s School, a project that has been more than a year in the making. We really do need God to intervene in this matter, as only He can.

Continued spiritual awakening among the Lambada people.

As we mentioned last month, God has opened a door for us to begin a new ministry among a tribal people known as the Lambada. Recently more than 30 people have become followers of Jesus Christ in the villages of Gangaram Thanda and Kattukinda Thanda. Churches are now forming, and our pastors are discipling those who have been born again. Pray that the Gospel will continue to take root and grow among the Lambada people.

Our church planting ministry.

God continues to bless our church planting efforts in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. As our churches grow, the need for permanent church buildings becomes much more pronounced. Over the next sixty days we’ll be dedicating a handful of new church buildings, many of them in communities where just a few years ago there was no known Christian presence. It’s an extraordinary thing to see the church flourish in a place where, prior to the arrival of a Vision Nationals pastor, there wasn’t even a whisper of Jesus’ name.

Comfort and healing for those who are sick.

Continue to pray for Pastor Yesu Rao following his motorcycle accident. He is still recovering from his injuries. Also, Pedda, one of the young men in our churches, has renal failure. Pray that God would heal him. Pray, too, for Sunitha as she copes with chronic back pain. Cancer has ravaged Upendra’s body, and doctors are now telling him that he will have to have a portion of his leg removed. Pray for this young man as he deals with this devastating disease. Others, like Sudhakar, are also facing surgery in the coming days. Please pray for them.

Master’s School and Master’s College of Theology.

Our academic institutions are at the heart of our efforts to equip and empower nationals to make a difference in South Asia and beyond. As we prepare to hire new faculty for Master’s College of Theology, we’d really appreciate your prayers, especially for wisdom and discernment.

Across campus, Master’s School continues to grow, enrolling dozens of new students this academic year. Pray for our teachers and students. We are so thankful for the opportunity to educate the next generation and to do so in a way that brings God glory. Recently, one of our students, Susanna, received a six-year, full-ride scholarship from one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

The completion of our first large-scale water project.

Sometimes you just have to stop and celebrate God’s amazing grace. At times, his provision is overwhelming. And that was certainly the case when, through a generous partnership with Living Water International and Living Stones Churches, we were able to bring safe drinking water to five villages in Srikakulam District. As a result, there are now more than a thousand people, the majority of them women and children, who no longer have to make a 2-3 mile trek to gather a day’s supply of water for their families. To God be the glory!

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