Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

One of the most transformative aspects of our child sponsorship program is that every child we care for is given the same opportunities we’d want our own sons and daughters to have — which means that for every one of our kids who passes the Higher Secondary Examination and enrolls in an accredited college or university, we gladly pay his or her way through school.

vn_group_shot_8_bThis academic year, ten kids from our child sponsorship program were enrolled in college, and we’re elated that three of them will graduate this month.

Satyanarayana and Shilpa will receive degrees in engineering, and John Babu has worked hard to finish all the requirements for his degree in theology. You may remember John’s story, or perhaps you’ve watched the video in which he talks about his desire to bring the Good News of Jesus to India’s rural villages.

For children who are born into a cycle of generational poverty, education is a lifeline. It unlocks the door of opportunity and imbues a child with hope, which is why we’re so passionate about providing the gift of education to at-risk children. There’s just so much potential waiting to be developed and unleashed.

Help us transform the lives of India’s poorest children. Help us bring Master’s Village to life.

We are so proud of John, Satyanarayana, and Shilpa. They’ve inspired us with their grit and determination, overcoming challenges and adversity and trusting God through it all. As they complete their educational journey, we are reminded that God, through the generosity of His people, has made it possible. Above all, we give Him thanks for allowing us to care for, educate, and empower hundreds of at-risk children over the last seventeen years. The stories of life-change never grow old.

As you have opportunity, ask God to bless the children in our care, more than ten percent of whom are currently enrolled in college. And if you have the means to do so, consider making a contribution to the Master’s Fund. Every dollar helps, especially as the costs associated with providing a higher education rise.

Finally, take a moment to watch this video, which explains more about how we care for kids.

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