Brothers at Master’s Home


When we say we are in the business of transforming lives, we are not overstating anything.

Meet Christopher and Vijaya. Two lives transformed by the existence of Master’s Home for Children. Unlike most of the children in our Home, Christopher and Vijaya come from a Christian family. They know Jesus but they live in extreme poverty.

Two years ago their father died in an accident. The extended family used to live together and help share the cost of living. However, after their father’s death Christopher, Vijaya and their mother were sent out, away from the extended family.

Their mother has no education and no means to make a decent living. She has been working menial jobs in an effort to feed her boys. Living day to day, there was no time to think of education nor the money to afford even a government school.


Some friends of Vision Nationals came to know about Christopher and Vijaya’s situation and spoke to their mother about Master’s Home. In 2011, the year after his father died, Christopher joined Master’s Home. However, due to severe space limitation, we had to put Vijaya on a waiting list.

This year, we were excited to bring Vijaya to Master’s Home as well! Christopher and Vijaya enjoy living at Master’s Home. They are both studying hard at Master’s School, and spend their spare time playing cricket and thinking about what they want to be when they grow up – because for the first time ever, there are options.

Vision Nationals cares for 140 children at Master’s Home. Right now, our Home is bursting at the seams as our dormitory is filled to capacity (and then some). Our goal in 2013 is to build a second Dormitory that will allow us to open Master’s Home to more children like Christopher and Vijaya. For more information on our Dormitory need check out our previous posts here and here.

If you would like to give to the Dorm need, you can give online. Please designate your gift for “The Dormitory”.

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