Caring the impoverished

The 67th Republic Day Celebrations were held both in Vizag campus and in SKLM Children homes on 26 January 2016.

Republic Day in SKLM Dist: One of the government officials, Mr. Mohan Prasad hoisted the National Flag and addressed the students in SKLM District. MHC student, Gali Manikanta Swamy Ayyappa, studying VIII grade, with help of Prasad, drew India Map, and pictures of National leaders in front of the Master’s Children Home, impressing the locals and the government officials. Upon request, both these students drew the same pictures in front of the Revenue Office, which were published in two of the major newspapers (Eenadu & Andhra Bhoomi) on the following day.

Republic Day in Vizag Campus: Dr. Anila Nayar, Head of Department of Dermatology, King George Hospital hoisted the National Flag and addressed the gathering. She encouraged the participants to learn good behavior from their school days, so that their contributions could make our country stronger. Faculty and students of the Master’s College of Theology, Master’s School and other administrative staff participated in the celebrations. Children of Master’s Home and Master’s School presented skits and prizes were distributed to the winners in the sports events.

Even though India is a republic country having constitution which declares equality and educational freedom for everyone, according to statistics there is 21.9% people out of 1.2 billion of Indians live below poverty line resulting not having equal educational privileges. The Master’s Children Homes and Master’s School became a light by providing education and caring for the destitute children with the same educational privileges so that these children can live like others.

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