Checking in with Master’s Home Graduates | Years Later

What happens to the children in our home one they graduate from college, find a job, and move off campus? Vision Nationals is unique in that we don’t send out children out after high school, but rather we send them to colleges to pursue professional degrees. But eventually, they need to leave the nest. Where do they go? What is life like after Master’s Home?

We checked in with two of our graduates, and here’s a snapshot of their lives today:


Amarendra – When I first came to Master’s Home I felt it is God showing His mercy that I was able to continue my education. I was older when I came (in 8th grade) and it took me two weeks to adjust. I lost my mother when I was a kid, and I do have a father but we are not in good relationship. Thus, Master’s Home had become my home.

After high school I joined in Industrial Training Institute and graduated in the electrical trade. Right now I work as an electrician in a college near Vizag. I am upgrading my studies as I work, and hope to continue working my way up in this field.

For me, I am so thankful for the opportunity given to me by Master’s Home. Not only did I have a good education but also I learned godliness. The thing I miss the most from Master’s Home is the spiritual atmosphere, my close friends, and the administration that works at Master’s Home. However, as I work close by I still visit often and I keep in touch.

In fact, me and one of my closest friends, Praveen, we both decorate all the buildings on Vision Nationals’ campus with Christmas bulbs on the 1 of December each year. We built those bulb sets when we were still living here, so we come put them up, and then we return to take them down after Christmas.


Praveen – When I came to Master’s Home I was so fearful in the beginning and it took me more than a month to adjust. In fact, probably it was six-months before I was completely settled down.

After high school I completed a technical degree in the electrical trade and then I went back to my home town. I am upgrading my studies now and also learning the work by doing electrical jobs in my town.

Now, I am so thankful to Master’s Home not only for the education I received but more importantly for the godliness that they taught me. More than anything I miss the spiritual presence the most. I also miss my close friends, but I still come to Vizag to see them. In fact, I desire to move to Vizag next year (2013) and start a small business.

Vision Nationals cares for 140 children from the time they arrive at Master’s Home until they graduate from college, secure a job, and can care for themselves. Consider helping us change lives by giving to Master’s Home this Christmas.

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