Connect the Dots | A Young Girl’s Perseverance

Vision Nationals partners with The Family Connection Foundation in Thailand to pursue our goals of planting churches, training nationals and caring for orphans and widows throughout Asia.

In this video, you meet Jume, one of the social workers at Ban San Rak Home in Thailand. From the age of 12, Jume was responsible for paying for her education. Now, she devotes her life to help children – like the one she once was – gain access to and complete their schooling. Watch as she shares her story.


We praise God for the determination he gave to Jume. However, it is rare to find a child with this perseverance. Most children need help to complete their schooling and break the cycle of poverty into which they were born. The social workers at Ban San Rak Home in Thailand, Mercy Home in Nepal, and Master’s Home in India are the people who fight for these children.

If you would like to give to any of these Homes, you can give online.
For more information, email Tim in Thailand, Joel in Nepal, and Karla in India.

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