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Vision Nationals partners with The Family Connection Foundation in Thailand where we work to bring spiritual and economic hope to poverty-stricken children in Thailand.

Jume and kids. (Click the photo to watch a video about Jume’s story.)

From the age of six, Jume worked in the fields whenever she was not in school. Her family pressured her to quit school when she was just 12 years old to work full-time. They were desperately in need of the extra income. She was finally allowed her to continue her studies, but only if she could pay the expenses on her own. By her own perseverance, and through personal sacrifice, Jume put herself through school from 7th grade through college! As a Social Worker at Ban San Rak Children’s Home, she now invests her time helping other children, who have nothing, get the education every child deserves.

Education Matters is a scholarship program designed to protect the children of Thailand by enabling them to receive a complete education. Thailand is a developing country that continues to struggle with the adverse affects of poverty, which puts children at great risk for abuse and exploitation. Children are still being taken out of school and sent out into factories, fields or brothels.

This program aims to take away the financial burden of education such as school fees, transportation, uniforms, and school lunch. By removing this burden from struggling families, they are more motivated to keep their children in school. For most families, this results in new hope and sense of worth. These children will grow up better equipped to provide for their families by learning a trade, or attending university, thus ending the cycle of poverty.

For more information about The Family Connection Foundation please visit their website. For information specifically related to the Education Matters fund or to give to the fund, visit the Education Matters page of the site.

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