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Vision Nationals partners with The Family Connection Foundation in Thailand to care for orphans. The following excerpt is taken from their Ban San Rak children’s home webpage.

Ban San Rak Children's Home

Thailand is a country of 68 million people and more than 2 million of those people are classified as orphaned or abandoned. Ban San Rak is an intentional effort to make as big of an impact as possible in such a hard fact to swallow.

Established in 2006, Ban San Rak is intended to be a place of safety and refuge of children that need it. While there are many ways to provide institutional care, all of which are practiced in Thailand, it was clear from the beginning that Family was what Ban San Rak was intended to be.

Each Ban San Rak home is small (no more than 8 children to 2 full time staff). Each home is designed to be just that, a home. The staff members are, highly qualified, highly trained and have committed to long terms at the home.

Vision Nationals partners with The Family Connection Foundation to plant churches, train nationals and care for orphans and widows in Thailand. For more information please contact The Family Connection Foundation.

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