Cyclone Relief Impact Report

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Cyclone Hudhud made landfall on India’s eastern coast. Vizag, which is where our ministry is headquartered, was hit hard. Though we didn’t have any immediate reports of injury or loss of life within our network of ministries, the cyclone, with winds in excess of 150 mph, tore through our city — destroying homes and buildings, toppling trees and power lines, blocking roads, and displacing thousands of people. According to Indian officials, Vizag would need to be entirely rebuilt.

Cyclone Relief Impact ReportI was in Vizag just 3 weeks after the cyclone hit. Piles of debris were everywhere. The airport was destroyed. And Arjuna and his team were still receiving reports of churches and homes damaged by the storm. Vizag, usually lush with tropical vegetation, lost thousands of trees, and fallen utility poles were stacked like toothpicks on the side of the road. It was a scene right out of a movie. By the time I left India, I had a much better understanding of the burden Arjuna carried as he dealt with the fallout of one of the worst natural disasters Vizag and the surrounding region had ever experienced.

Since then, what’s been accomplished has been nothing short of amazing.

Today, on the five-month anniversary of the storm, we’re thrilled to release our Cyclone Relief Impact Report, which provides a visual overview of our recovery efforts. While there’s still one or two small projects waiting to be finished, the bulk of our work is done. Friends of Vision Nationals gave generously to the Cyclone Relief Fund, which allowed us to provide aid to hundreds of people, resulting in at least 2,000 people being helped, directly or indirectly, in the months following the storm.

God has been so good to Vision Nationals, and this report is our way of gratefully acknowledging His hand in our work — none of this would be possible apart from Him. But our gratitude also extends to all those who love and care about our ministry and the precious people we serve. In the aftermath of the storm, it was your prayers and financial gifts that made our relief and recovery efforts possible.

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