Gouthami Needs a Sponsor

New Children at Master's Home

Each year more children join us at Master’s Home for Children. This year we took in 19 new children from desperate situations. Some are orphans and some come from single-parent homes, but they all have this in common: without Master’s Home, they would be working as child laborers.

Gouthami comes from a small village in the Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh. Her family is Hindu, and both her parents were working as common laborers in the past and barely making ends meet.

Then one day her father fell from an electric poll and lost one of his legs. As a result, he can no longer work or walk. Her mother works as a farm hand as a laborer and her sole income is not enough for the family to live on.

Because of these difficulties, we took Gouthami into Master’s Home. She is one of the new children to come to us this year. She has an older brother, but he can not speak properly and so he lives in the village with his parents.

Gouthami is 9 years old and likes living at Master’s Home. Her favorite subjects are Math and English, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. With your support and prayers we are confident God will change her future. Unlike her parents before her, she will not have to work in the fields as a laborer.

In one generation, the cycle of poverty is broken!

Vision Nationals cares for the spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs of over 140 children at Master’s Home for Children. If you would like to sponsor Gouthami for $60 a month or co-sponsor for $30 a month, please email karla@visionnationals.org.
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