Government Rules – No Girls On Campus

Due to government rules, we are required to have completely separate living quarters for the boys and girls in Master’s Home.

In accordance with this law, we temporarily moved the girls into the conference hall space above our cafeteria (a building separate from our current dorm). However, as this is not a long-term solution, the decision was made to send the girls off-campus until we complete the New Dormitory.

Most of our children have extended family they can live with, however the living conditions are poor and their access to education is limited. We will continue to support these girls throughout the year so they will not have to work to help support themselves.

Those that are close enough will continue to attend Master’s School, and those too far away will attend that best school we can get them enrolled in where they live.

Please pray for all the girls in Master’s Home. This is an unforeseen and sudden change. Some of them may loose a year academically as their village schools are not strong. Pray especially for those that have gone to live with extended relatives who may consider them a burden. We are incredibly saddened that we have had to make this decision.

In addition to prayer, please consider giving towards the building costs of our New Dormitory. Our goal is to break ground this fall and have the Dorm completed by the beginning of next school year so we can bring the girls back to live on campus and attend Master’s School.

Vision Nationals’ top priority this year is to build a second dorm. You can read more about how this new dorm will impact the children in Master’s Home here, and how it will affect our Master’s College students here. Recently we announced some changes to our original plans that were in the works.

If you would like to give towards the new dorm need you can give online.

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