India in the News | 4.22.14


Once a month we cull the headlines to bring you stories from the world’s largest democracy — its politics, economy, culture and everyday life.

A Primer on India’s Parliamentary Elections

“India’s national elections began April 7 and will continue on nine separate dates until May 12, with results expected to be announced on May 16. The vote is the world’s largest, with 814 million eligible voters set to choose 543 members of the lower house of Parliament.” read more

Who are the poor in India?

“…the number of poor in India remains staggeringly high. And, what is more worrisome, demographics and the social character of the poor do not appear to be changing. Labourers (farm workers in villages, casual workers in cities), tribespeople, Dalits (formerly called low caste untouchables) and Muslims remain the poorest Indians.” read more

Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India’s Punjab region

“When it comes to India travel, the state of Punjab, which borders Pakistan, doesn’t make it to the top of that many itineraries. That’s good news for intrepid travelers. From temples so gold they’ll make your eyes water, to food you’ll be longing for days after it hits your lips, Punjab is India at its colorful, lively best.” read more

World Bank chief economist on future of India’s economy

“With annual growth rate hovering below 5%, Asia’s third-largest economy has been weighed down by high inflation, a weak currency and a drop in foreign investment. A slowdown in mining and manufacturing hasn’t helped matters.” read more

In India, 150 Million People Will Be Voting For The First Time This Year

“With 50% of its population below the age of 30, India is one of the world’s youngest nations. In the ongoing general elections, youthful voters appear to be reversing the political apathy of their previous generations and taking a stand on a wide range of issues.” read more

16 Years a Slave: A Father Set Free to Build a New Future for His Family

“Ragesh had worked for the same man for sixteen years. He wove long, dried grass into colorful mats, much of the work done by hand. When he got married seven years ago, his wife joined him in the small business. But this couple was not employed; they were enslaved.” read more

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