Jesus: Still Healing, Calling, and Sending

Pastor SureshSuresh grew up in a traditional Hindu family, and from the ages of 20 to 25 he was extremely sick. The intensity of his illness birthed in him a desperate desire to be healed—to be freed from the burden of his affliction.

But no matter who he went to for help—whether medical doctors or traditional healers—no one could offer Suresh any remedies, and his infirmity remained.

Finally, a friend told Suresh, “Go to Jesus. He is the only one who can cure you.” Suresh agreed to go. So he went to the only place in the village that could tell him more about this great healer named Jesus, and it was there, at the church, where Suresh was miraculously healed and gloriously saved. The chains were broken, and Suresh walked out a new man—his life now bearing witness to the healing power of Jesus Christ. What doctors and healers couldn’t do over the span of five years, Jesus did in an instant, and the trajectory of Suresh’s life was changed forever.

Five years later, while Suresh was reading Lamentations 3:27, he was called into ministry and started a church. For seven years Suresh has faithfully proclaimed the gospel in the village of Madhupadu. Today, more than twenty people gather on Sundays and Wednesdays to worship and pray; Fridays are spent fasting.

Suresh asks you to pray for the health of his family and that the people in his village would stop worshiping idols and turn to Jesus. He also has a desire to plant another church in a neighboring village. Would you join us in praying that God would bless Suresh, his wife Anu, and their two children? Ask God to use them to make an eternal difference in the village of Madhupadu and beyond.

Vision Nationals plants churches and trains nationals in India through our church planting initiative – Ten Thousand Churches. If you would like to support a church planter like Pastor Suresh for $50 a month, you can give online.

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