July Prayer Points

God continues to bless our efforts to plant churches, train nationals, and care for the most vulnerable in India. We are so grateful for His provision, and your continued support of our ministry. It’s God’s grace coupled with the prayers and generosity of His people that have sustained us for more than two decades, and we don’t take any of it for granted. Thank you for partnering with us as we minister among the least-reached and least-resourced people on earth.

Church openings.

This month we’ll open three new church buildings in Andhra Pradesh, and we praise God for making it possible. As you have opportunity, pray for the churches in Hanu Thanda, Kalvapalli, and Palvancha as they make the transition to their new buildings. The pastors and congregations are excitedly gearing up for their inaugural services, and we look forward to celebrating with them.

New ministry.

God has opened doors for us to begin a new ministry among a tribal people known as the Lambada. In the villages of Gangaram Thanda and Kattukinda Thanda more than 30 people have become followers of Jesus Christ in a short period of time. Churches are now forming in each of these villages, and our pastors are doing all they can to disciple these young Christians. Pray for our leaders and those they’re serving. Pray, too, that the Gospel will continue to take root and grow among the Lambada people.

The persecuted.

As you know, many of our pastors experience varying degrees of hostility and opposition as they begin sharing the Gospel in a new place. It’s not uncommon for the saving message of Jesus to be perceived as a threat. Stories of persecution, even martyrdom, have garnered international attention in one state where we work, and it is there where Christians are being horribly oppressed if they refuse to convert back to Hinduism. Please pray for the church in Odisha, specifically that the Christians will be able to withstand the threatening posture of those who do not yet know Jesus Christ. One of our pastors in Odisha, Pastor Jogi, has asked us to pray that God will bring Mohan back to the church.

For healing.

Join us in asking God to heal Pastor Yesu Rao and his wife, both of whom were in a motorcycle accident. While his wife sustained only minor injuries and is recovering at home, Yesu Rao was seriously injured in last month’s crash and has been hospitalized. In addition, Pedda, one of the young men in our churches, has renal failure, and his church, which is located in Guntur District, has asked us to pray for Pedda’s healing. Pray, too, for Victor who sustained a serious head injury and has not fully recovered.

Our schools.

In both our College and School, a new academic year is upon us. We had 50 new students enroll in Master’s School, and a whole new crop of students are studying for ministry at Master’s College of Theology. Pray for our students and their teachers and for God’s grace to rest upon our campus. Our high school aged children continue to perform very well in their exams. In fact, Barnabas, who came to our children’s home when he was very young, was just accepted into an engineering college because his grades were so high. We thank God for allowing us to be a part of Barnabas’s story.

Our new school building was supposed to be finished last month, but because the property tax issue (mentioned below) hasn’t been resolved construction has been put on hold. Once finished, the new classrooms will provide us with enough space to educate hundreds more children, the majority of whom come from materially poor families. Pray earnestly that God would give us favor with local authorities so that we can get the tax issue resolved and finish building Master’s School.

Children’s home.

Last year we opened a new children’s home in Srikakulam District. By God’s grace, twenty at-risk children found refuge in a safe, familial environment. Well, that number has now grown to twenty-five. Please pray for our kids in Srikakulam and all those responsible for their care. In the very near future, we’d love to purchase an acre of land so we can build a permanent home for our children.

Tax issue.

Continue to pray that we would have unprecedented favor with the local government. Earlier this year they made a unilateral decision to increase our property taxes by sixteen hundred percent, an exorbitant figure that was determined arbitrarily and is completely unacceptable. We are in the process of appealing this decision. As we talk to local authorities, please ask God to make them favorably disposed towards us. It can be a very difficult negotiating process, and we have no guarantees that they will rule in our favor. We need God to intervene in this matter as only He can.

Thank you for praying!

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