Little David Raj Is In School

David Raj’s father was from a village in East Godavari Dist, but moved 450 miles away to Hyderabad city to look for work. He learned driving and found a job as a taxi driver. His life was going on well when all of a sudden his father met with an accident in 2008 and his right leg is totally injured. Now he is not able to work.

David Raj’s mother works as a daily laborer now to feed the family, but her wage is not enough. Because of the poverty the family is in, and complicated family problems we admitted David Raj into Master’s Home.

Master’s Home for Children becomes a great hope for families like these who do not have hope for their children to be educated. Most of the children with us would be child laborers if not for Master’s Home.

With your prayers and support, along with our guidance, we trust God will give David Raj a new life with a wonderful future.
In one generation, the cycle of poverty is broken!

If you would like to sponsor a child for $30 for a half sponsorship or $60 for a full sponsorship you can give online. David Raj does not yet have a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor him specifically, email Karla.

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