Master’s Village: Hope and a Future for India’s Poorest Children

India’s on track to become the youngest country in the world by 2020, and extreme poverty continues to be an extraordinary challenge, with 33% of Indians living on $1.25 or less a day. Building on our strong history of making a difference in the lives of India’s poorest children, our hope and prayer is that through Master’s Village we can be in a position to care for, educate, and empower hundreds more in the coming years. We envision Master’s Village becoming a place of refuge for the most vulnerable, yet potential-laden demographic in all of India — children who come from materially poor families or who have no family at all.

Filmed on location in India by the generous and creative folks at Let There Be, this brief, inspiring film shares more about how you can be a part of bringing hope to India’s poorest children.

Since 1992, Vision Nationals has been fulfilling the Great Commission in India. Through your prayers and financial gifts God has graciously sustained our work.

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