MCT Introduces a new course from June 2016

Master’s College of Theology (MCT), a theological wing of Vision Nationals, has been able to complete its 20 years of existence only because of the guidance and bountiful providence of God in every sphere of its life. Through every stage of its existence and at every juncture, God’s guidance is clearly visible. It is only because of the grace of God that MCT had been instrumental in equipping young men and women from different parts of India and abroad for the ministry of God. Presently, the college is offering a Bachelor of Divinity(B.D) course.

However, in order to be able to equip more people for the ministry in more effective manner, MCT is venturing into a new area of theological training by extending its borders to train many more people who are willing to equip themselves for the ministry. With this vision, for the coming academic year, 2016-2017, MCT is re-introducing a Bachelor of Theology(B.Th course), because of the felt need of training ministers who would be able to work at the grass-root level. As such, the B.Th course is designed in such a way that it would reflect the visions of the Vision Nationals ministries. Presently, the course is under development. Under the guidance of our Director, Dr. Arjuna Chiguluri and through the sincere efforts of dedicated faculties, the development of the syllabus is almost at its completion.

Efforts have also been made towards the development of detailed notes by MCT faculty who have sacrificed some of their summer time. We also have some friends from abroad who are also a part of all of these new developements. We are also seeking ATA (Asia Theological Association) accreditation for the program. MCT family earnestly seek prayer support from all prayer partners and well-wishers as we begin this new venture.

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