My Life Should Have Ended Last Week

God performed a miracle last week as he saved one of our pastors from a deadly cobra bite. Here is the report we received from our Director, Arjuna:

Pastor John

I talked with Pastor John this morning and he said he is safe. He is steadfast in faith and said, “I knew I would live because God has not finished with me yet”. He was bitten by a cobra in a field on Friday evening and he was taken to hospital immediately.

He should have been dead by the time he arrived to hospital but he said there were no pains for 2 hours. Pains should start immediately after a cobra bite and victim should die in 30 minutes. But he did not have pains for 2 hours, during which time he was taken to the hospital, and surgery was made and all the flesh where cobra bit him was removed and then pains started. He is safe and spirit is good.
He was discharged on Wed evening and is home now. Doctors advised him not to move for a month. It is truly a miracle.

Pastor John is one of the most respected church planters in our network. In the seven years he has been with Vision Nationals, he has planted 14 churches in 14 different villages. Most of these churches are now pastored by men he has discipled, but he still visits them regularly.

He was born into a Hindu family. In 1988, he had started a business but failed and he had a breakdown. A friend shared the Gospel with him and later that year, he was baptized. In 1991 he was called into ministry when he heard Exodus 3, when God called Moses. This story touched him because Moses had failed at things as well, like him.

He came to VN through Arjuna whom he met while Arjuna was preaching at a Gospel meeting in his village. Pastor John has planted more churches than any single planter in our network, and we praise Jesus his life was spared so he can continue this work.

Vision Nationals plants churches and trains nationals throughout Asia. If you would like to support a church planter like Pastor John for $50 a month, you can give online.

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