Nepal Earthquake Relief Update

Kathmandu, Nepal, 10:52 PM EDT — We are very grateful for the outpouring of donations many of you have sent for earthquake relief. There is a lot of relief supplies going out from Kathmandu, but it is not very organized. Organizations and people seem to be doing their own thing. We are able to help villages where we have contacts and have not received other relief. Here is a report on how we have used some of the funds so far.

We took food up to Jyamdi village (Pastor Lila’s church) a few days after the first earthquake. We gave enough for 20 families but this was shared among 50 homes. The second earthquake leveled the homes that were still standing after the first earthquake because this village was near the epicenter.


Pastor Samuel encouraged the people before we distributed the supplies.

little boy

A young boy plays in front of a pile of rubble.

Pastor in Gorkha

A pastor we know from the Gorkha area, the epicenter of the first earthquake, came to see if we could give his village some relief supplies. The people were in quite a desperate condition. They were very happy to receive the help.

supply distribtion

Distributing supplies to villagers.

damaged buildings 1

In many of the village areas, damage is widespread.

damaged buildings 2

Next Steps:

  1. Arranging for roofing tin for these villages so they can make temporary waterproof shelters. The tin can be used later for roofing on the rebuilt houses.
  2. We should be receiving a load of tents and tarps from New Delhi any day and will get those distributed.
  3. Friends are investigating a way to rebuild an inexpensive earthquake-sturdy house using local materials. More on this later.


Thank you again for your donations toward helping those who have lost all they own. We thank God for each of you. Please pray for wisdom for us as we navigate the relief effort. Pray for the many families that have been impacted so severely by this disaster.

For the glory of God,

Joel and Sue Garrison

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