New Dorm Plans Have Arrived!

One of Vision Nationals’ top priorities this year is to build a second dorm. You can read about how this new dorm will impact the children in Master’s Home here, and how it will affect our Master’s College students here. Recently we announced some changes to our original plans that were in the works. We are excited to reveal the new plans!

Dormitory Features:
– The Dormitory will have 4 floors.
– Each floor will have 16 rooms.
– This makes for 64 rooms for children and Master’s College students.
– In addition, each floor will have 2 rooms for our caretakers.
– Each floor will be 4,758 sq.ft. which makes the building 19,032 sq.ft. total.

We can build the new dormitory for only $22 per square foot! This brings the total cost of the new dormitory to approximately $420,000.

In order to break ground on the construction of the new dorm we need to raise $220,000 – which is half the total cost of the project. We already have $60,000 towards this project, and we ask you to pray for and give towards the completion of the new dorm.

Vision Nationals houses 140 children in Master’s Home and 100 students and faculty members of Master’s College on our campus in Vizag. If you would like to give towards the new dorm need you can give online.

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