New Faces at Master’s Home

Nineteen new faces at Master's Home! (one not pictured)

Each year more children join us at Master’s Home for Children.
This year we took in 19 new children from desperate
situations. Some are orphans and some come from single-parent homes, but they all have this in common: without Master’s Home, they would be working as child laborers.

Gangotri, for example, comes to us from a Hindu family. She is the youngest of three children. When she was a small girl her father lost his memory and became mentally ill. This left her mother  as the only bread-winner for the family. She tried to earn enough to feed her family and keep her children in school, but she also had to pay for her husbands medication. It became impossible.

Meet Gangotri

Gangotri’s mother was speaking to some workers at the hospital where she regularly went to buy her husban’s medication. She was telling them how it was just not possible to pay for food, education and medication on the $2 a day she earns as a daily laborer. The only way to survive would be to send her children to work.

It was then that some of the workers at the hospital told her about Master’s Home. When she came to us, we heard her story and took her youngest, Gangotri into our Home despite the fact that we are overcrowded already.

It is our hope that through your prayers and support along with our care, that God will bring a new hope to her life forever!

Vision Nationals cares for the spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs of over 140 children at Master’s Home for Children. If you would like to sponsor Gangotri or one of these new children, please email

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