New Wells for Five Villages

Through a generous partnership with Living Water International and Living Stones Churches we were able to bring safe drinking water to five villages in Srikakulam District. Construction of the wells was completed this month, which means that there are now more than one thousand people, the majority of whom are women and children, who no longer have to make a 2-3 mile trek to gather a day’s supply of water for their families.

This was our first large-scale water project, and it would not have been possible without the leadership of Pastor Raju, the expertise of Living Water International, and the generosity of Living Stones Churches. We are so grateful for the extraordinary investment of time, energy, and resources made by each one.

The well in Vadavalasa, the village where Pastor Raju lives and ministers.

T. Duggivalasa
The well in Duggivalasa, the village where Pastor Shankar Rao planted and pastors a church.

The well in Santakaviti, the village where Pastor Appa Rao planted and pastors a church.

The well in Jadapeta, the village where Pastor Narayana Rao planted and pastors a church.

DL Puram
The well in DL Puram, the village where Pastor Prabhu Kumar planted and pastors a church.

Did you know?

According to Living Water International, many women spend 20 hours per week collecting water, some walking 7 miles a day, often for contaminated water. Too often the walk is not safe for them physically. It is women and the children they raise who suffer most without water, and who benefit most from access to it.

Water-related diseases cause 2.2 million deaths a year; every day, diarrhea takes the lives of 2,000 children in Africa — more than any other single cause of death. Safe water, a toilet, and clean hands could prevent 90% of these deaths.

Water-related diseases steal 443 million school days a year. Roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm stunt growth, cause debilitating anemia, and follow kids into the classroom, shrinking cognitive potential. Illness causes absenteeism and early drop-out. Simple solutions can keep kids in school.

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