Not One Soul Had Heard of Jesus

Pastor Chandra standing in front of the church building that is being constructed in his village.

Chandra Shekhar was born in 1983, and raised as a Hindu in a tribe called the Lambadi. Then he was in 12th grade, he attended a Gospel meeting and heard the Good News of Christ for the first time. The truth resonated in his soul, and he became a Christian and was baptized.

He married at an early age to a young lady named Ruth. After marriage God called him to the ministry and so he joined a small Bible College and completed a two-year diploma course. Upon graduation, he felt God calling him to a particular village.

This village is in the heart of the 10/40 window where there are many tribal people. When he arrived at that village, not one soul had heard of Jesus Christ and there was not one single Christian in the whole place!

He started talking and praying with the people, sharing the Gospel, and holding worship meetings in his home. There was much verbal abuse and opposition during the early years, and many threats to his family. However, Pastor Chandra and Ruth remained faithful to their call.

Today, twelve years after they moved to this village, they now have a core membership of 40 believers that make up the church in their village! He is also in the initial phase of planting his second church in a neighboring village and worships weekly with a core of believers there.

Pastor Chandra’s passion is to raise up leaders. He trains church members to hold weekly evangelistic meetings in their homes. In addition to that, he has trained and mobilized his church members to help him evangelize five neighboring villages!

Through a generous donation, we are excited to announce that we are building a church building for Pastor Chandra Shekhar and the church in his village. For thousands of years, no one has heard the name of Christ, and now God has blessed us with the privilege of building the first church in the area!

Pastor Chandra has been working with Vision Nationals for the past four years. In his own words: “The teachings I have learned through our training programs had built me up tremendously, and all that I want now is to plant churches and raise leaders. I am so glad for the training I receive continuously, to be able to fellowship with other men of God that work with VN in this area, and all help financially I receive, and also for the Church building now! We are so proud of this work, and to be able to have a building where Jesus is worshiped!”

Please pray for Pastor Chandra, his wife and , and the believers in his village. Pray for a smooth building process and for favor with the local people. Pray many more would come to worship Jesus through the work of Pastor Chandra.

Vision Nationals trains and resources national church planters to reach their people with the good news of Christ. Our goal is to see Ten Thousand Churches planted in Asia in the next twenty years. If you would like to sponsor a church planter for $50 a month, you can give online.

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