One Thing You Can Do to Change a Child’s Life

Srinu Pulusa 3

God is on the move in India. For the last twenty-two years we’ve had a front row seat as he has reconciled thousands of people to himself, and honestly, it never gets old.

It’s a privilege for us to serve as Christ’s ambassadors in a context like ours, and to witness firsthand the amazing things that happen as faith takes root and grows.

Everyday, throughout our network of ministries, lives are being transformed, hope is being renewed, and Jesus is building his church. I wish we had a way to capture each and every moment and share it with you.

There are beautiful stories emerging—stories that remind us that God’s love and faithfulness are being experienced in places previously untouched by the gospel. And stories that help us understand the real impact of our work.

Stories like Srinu’s.

The son of impoverished parents who subsisted on fishing, Srinu arrived at Master’s Home for Children in 2000. He was a long way from his rural village and the only life he had ever known, but his parents dreamed of a better future for their son, so they let him go.

They longed for Srinu to reach his potential—to have access to opportunities that were never available to them.

They knew that if their son had any hope of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty that had gripped their family for generations, he would have to go to school. Education was key.

Fortunately, Srinu was an outstanding student. During his years at Master’s School, he excelled in every subject and found himself on the doorstep of the future his parents had imagined a decade before.

Now in his third year of medical school on his way to becoming a doctor, Srinu is the first person from his village to go to college.

The vulnerable young boy, who came to us in hopes of finding a way out of poverty, is on the cusp of realizing a dream that few would’ve ever thought possible.

It has been such a privilege for us to walk with Srinu over the last fourteen years. He has been our son since the day he set foot on our campus. Like his birth parents, we are so proud of his achievements, and we consider it an honor to have had him under our roof.

At Vision Nationals, we believe that vulnerable, abandoned, and orphaned children should be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. That’s why we’ve established a Home and a School to empower and educate India’s most precious resource: her youth.

If you’d like to be a part of changing a child’s life, consider sponsoring one of our kids. A modest investment of just $60 a month is all it takes. Donations to the Master’s Fund provide us with the discretionary funding we need to pay for tuition and textbooks for our college-age children, like Srinu. Any amount is gratefully received.

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