Transforming Lives | Children

In India, Master’s Home for Children provides for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of over 140 children. Many children living in our home come from very poor families, and some are orphans.

What does life look like for our children? Watch and find out!

Through Master’s School we provide a first-class Christian education for the children in Masters Home.  In addition to our children, well over 500 students from Hindu and Muslim homes study at our Christian school because of our reputation for academic excellence. We are one of the highest ranking schools in our district, and our students consistently score in the top percentile which allows them to gain admission to excellent colleges in the city.

One unique feature of Master’s Home is that after high school, we continue to walk along side and support each child through college. With degrees and good jobs, these children will never have to see poverty again.

In one generation, the cycle of poverty is broken!

Sponsor a child for $60 a month, or go in with a friend or family member to make it $30 a month each!

Vision Nationals also has a homes for children in Nepal and Thailand.

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