Planting Churches

Vision Nationals has been planting churches in India since 1992. We currently have over 150 church planters who have planted over 500 churches.

In 2009, as India surpassed China as the number one country for the growth of Christianity, Vision Nationals began its most focused church planting effort yet.

We seek to follow in the movement God is already working in India, Nepal, Thailand and throughout Asia by identifying, training and disciplining national leaders to plant these churches.

We do that one man at a time, pouring training and resources into him for a period of seven years. At the end of seven years, this man will have planted three churches and these churches will support him, allowing Vision Nationals to take those resources and pour them into another church planter.

As we work toward this task, we are looking for individuals and organizations to partner with us to accomplish this task. What does partnership look like?


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