Another Powerful Earthquake Hits Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, 8:07 AM EDT — While you were sleeping last night, we got smacked by another earthquake (7.4) at about 12:50 PM, just after lunch. Joel and the boys were at home. The boys had no exams today and were home studying. Sue was on her bicycle just arriving at our campus but managed to stop before crashing.

At first we thought it was just another minor aftershock, of which there have been many. But this time it didn’t stop and kept getting bigger. The epicenter was over near Pastor Lila’s village that we visited the other day. It’s about halfway or so between Kathmandu and Mt. Everest.

Not sure what all this means yet. There wasn’t much new damage in Kathmandu that we have heard of. I think people have had enough though and many will probably leave now if they can. Many people are very unsure if their houses are safe.

injured carpenterThis man (pictured) is a carpenter who was working at our house for the landlord on the day of the first quake on April 25. He fell and broke his foot during the shaking. Sue and Elliot gave him first aid and we found out later that he was so appreciative of that and never imagined a foreigner would help him that way. Then, today he was here again to finish the job, overseeing another man, and the earthquake came again! He probably won’t want to come back to our house.


Of course, we are thankful that we and all involved in the ministry were spared again. Pray for the days ahead as we deal with the changes this new earthquake will bring.

For the glory of God,

Joel and Sue Garrison

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