Q&A: What Do Hindus Do About Christmas?

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it pertinent to answer the question: What do Hindus do about Christmas? While we realize there is a large range of beliefs and practices among Hindus, here are five things Hindus do about Christmas:

Number One:
Hindus DO believe Jesus was a historical figure. They believe he was born 2000 years ago as the Bible teaches and Christians proclaim.

Number Two:
Hindus (the majority of them) DO believe Jesus is god incarnate in the world. They do not, however, believe Jesus is the only God but one of many.

Number Three:
Hindus (some of them) DO pray to Jesus because they believe he is a personal god.

Number Four:
Hindus DO give gifts and cards to their Christian friends and wish them Happy Christmas.

Number Five:
Hindu businesses DO decorate with lights and Christmas trees. You may even find a Santa around town!

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