A Church for Ramannagudem

During the month of August we opened five new church buildings in India. One of those was located in Ramannagudem, a rural village populated by the Lambadi tribe.

Started by Pastor Chandra Shekhar in 2013, Ramannagudem Church has grown steadily since its inception, from just a handful of believers in year one to more than sixty today. And like so many of our churches, it is full of first generation Christians — men, women, and children who had never heard the name of Jesus Christ until someone — in this case, Pastor Chandra — began sharing the Gospel with them.

A veteran evangelist and church planter who understands the mindset of tribal people and has been very effective in reaching them, Pastor Chandra arrived in Ramannagudem knowing it would take months, if not years, to gain the trust of villagers. Nevertheless, he was determined to patiently plant and water the seeds of the Gospel among the Lambadi, believing that in time God would make it all grow. And grow it has.

Few could have anticipated that a community with no known Christian presence prior to Chandra’s arrival would so quickly become home to a thriving church, but that is, in fact, the case. To an unreached tribe in a remote village God sent a messenger, someone to tell them about Jesus, and today there are dozens who believe.

God is writing an amazing story in India, and it is our privilege to participate with Him in His reconciling work among the nations.

The exterior of Ramannagudem Church

Ribbing cutting before the inaugural service

Believers gather to thank God for their new church building

We need your help.

The growth of our church planting ministry has created an extraordinary opportunity to give towards the building of new churches.  Typically, the pastor oversees construction of the building, and the congregation makes a small but sacrificial contribution towards the project. We are then able to provide a generous grant so that building materials can be purchased and construction can commence. With dozens of churches waiting to be built, your tax-deductible donation to the Church Building Support fund can make a tremendous difference on the ground.

Since 1992 Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for India’s most vulnerable. Donations to support our work are greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be designated to the ministry, fund, or project of your choice.

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