Relief Efforts Continue in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, 12:56 AM EDT — We continue to make relief efforts for those God has connected us with. This past week our staff visited a village south of Kathmandu where one of our pastors is doing a good work. We gave some money to each family for rebuilding and replacing animals that were lost in the earthquake. These are extremely poor people even in the best of times. Their reaction to someone showing concern and offering help to them was overwhelming. They said, “We never imagined in our lifetime that someone would ever do something like this for us!”

sleeping outside village

Many are still sleeping outside.

elderly woman village

mother village

father and child village

Pastor Prem

Pastor Prem (far right) and the leaders of the church.

children village

We are so grateful for your donations for earthquake relief. Through you we have been able to bring joy and hope to so many.

As I write this, a truck bringing tents, tarps, and roofing tin from New Delhi is just reaching the Nepal border. You can read about that here. More about the distribution of these relief supplies in the next update.


Thank you again for your donations toward the earthquake relief. Pray for the recovery of Nepal. It is a daunting task. Pray for the many families that have been impacted so severely by this disaster.

For the glory of God,

Joel and Sue Garrison

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