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When they look at their lineage, poverty is all they see. The way out? Education.Vision Nationals takes children born into poverty, educates them from their first year in school until they graduate from College, secure a job, and can provide for themselves. Many have asked how the education system in India works.

He should have been in school two years ago. Instead, he works the Quarry.

There are four educational road markers a child passes through on the way out of poverty. Primary School, High School, Junior College and finally – a Technical College, 4-year College or University.

Primary School extends from a child’s first day in school until their graduation from 7th grade. The journey out of poverty can begin as early three years old! Though most of the children that come to us are older, and we place them according to level.

Studying is a serious matter for our students.

Next comes High School. In India, students graduate from High School after the 10th grade. These High School years are extremely important, as their grades and standardized test scores determine to which Junior College they gain admittance.

After High School graduation, students will join a Junior College for 11th and 12th grades. Junior colleges are career specific, and students will join a college depending on their desired field of study.

In one generation, the cycle of poverty is broken!

Once a student graduates from Junior College, they take another standardized test. Again, their scores determine which Technical College, 4-year College or University they can attend. Once admitted, they begin their final journey on the educational road. Students in a Technical College will learn a trade such as auto mechanics or the electrical trade. Students attending Colleges and Universities will study degree programs such as engineering, nursing or business.

At the end of the journey emerges a college graduate with a degree in hand!

These college graduates have the education and trade skills necessary to secure a good job that will provide for them and their families for years to come. Their children will never work a field or quarry.

Vision Nationals is unique in that we care for and support our children from their first day in school until they graduate from College, secure a job, and can care for themselves. If you would like to give towards the sponsorship of a child or college student please contact

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