Safety and Hope | Sampat’s Story


Sampat is new to Master’s Home this year.
He likes it here. It’s safe.

Sampat was born into a Hindu family. And although both his parents are still alive, they both work as common laborers. His father spends what little money he earns on alcohol. On pay day, Sampat is used to his father coming home drunk and giving a hard time to the family. His mother tries to support the family on her income, but it is never enough.

One of Sampat’s relatives came to Master’s College to study with us for two years. He informed us of Sampat’s situation, and through this connection, we brought Sampat to stay at Master’s Home.

Here are Sampat’s words about Master’s Home: “I like it here. I especially like being able to study, and I love math. When I grow up, I want to be a police man to protect people.”

Sampat needs a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor Sampat for $60 a month for a full sponsorship or $30 a month for a half-sponsorship please email Karla.

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