Saturating Srikakulum with the Gospel

Pastor Raju and his wife Rani.

Pastor Raju is the 34 year old supervisor of the Srikakulum (Shree-KAW-Coo-Lum) District. He’s been working in the area for 10 years and has planted four churches. As supervisor, he oversees the seven other Vision Nationals church planters in the Srikakulum district.

Pastor Raju graduated from Vision Nationals Bible College in one of our first graduating classes ever! Today, he pastors 225 people between the four churches. The largest church – the third he planted – has 120 members that meet regularly for fasting and worship.

Pastor Raju and one of the church buildings.

The smallest church, the most recent plant, is the fruit of a cross-cultural endeavor where Pastor Raju has been reaching out to people in a Tribal area. God is calling people to Himself and there are now seven members in that church.

In their 10 years of ministry, Pastor Raju and his wife Rani have seen God move in many ways. Two of the women in their church were possessed by evil spirits. Both women spent lots of money seeking deliverance from Hindu witch doctors to no avail. In both cases, Pastor Raju prayed for deliverance and Jesus was faithful to deliver them from the spirits. Now these women are faithful members of the church.

Pastor Raju (far left) and other pastors praying for their district.

Jesus is building his Kingdom in Srikakulum! Miracles such as these are common, not only in Pastor Raju’s four churches but also in the seven other Vision Nationals church plants in Srikakulum District.

When asked what he would like prayer for, Pastor Raju responded, “Day by day God is doing great things through the ministry! I desire to begin ministry in another nearby village. Please pray for more and more people to know Jesus as their personal Savior.”

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