September Prayer Points

We have so much to be thankful for this month, especially as we look back over the last thirty days and consider all that God has done in our midst. The opening of five new church buildings is an extraordinary milestone for our ministry. Yet even as we celebrate the dedication of these new buildings, we know that the most important work is what takes place in the hearts and lives of those who gather inside. And so we pray that our churches will always be a place where people can encounter the risen Christ. Because no matter where you live in the world, whether a rural village in India or a gated community in Southern California, nothing is more important, more lasting, more transformative than responding in faith to the One who died so that we might live.

In addition to praising God for the new church buildings we opened last month, here are just a few of the things we’re praying for right now. These are requests gathered from throughout our network of ministries:

Healing for those who are sick.

Pastor John Wesley has asked us to pray for Hari’s full recovery. After drinking pesticide, Hari was on the verge of death, but the church prayed and God graciously and miraculously intervened. Hari is now recovering at home. Keep him in your prayers.

Pastor Devaraju Paul has asked us to pray for his wife, Sharon. She’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery to remove the cancerous tissue yesterday, August 31. We’re still waiting for an update from Devaraju regarding her long-term prognosis. Please pray for Sharon, as well as Pastor Devaraju and their college-age daughter. We are asking God to heal her.

While driving his motorcycle to a church prayer meeting on August 7, Pastor Surya Prakash Rao was hit by a bus and dragged underneath. The accident was serious enough that onlookers thought Surya had died, but God clearly had other plans. Despite sustaining serious internal injuries, for which he received treatment at an area hospital, Pastor Surya is expected to make a full recovery. Pray for him as his body continues to heal.

Amos, a brother in Christ who attends one of our churches, fell from a utility pole and fractured his hand. Given the height from which he fell, we’re thankful that his injuries were not more serious. Pray for Amos as his bones heal and his body recovers from the fall.

We continue to pray for Pedda, one of the young men in our churches, who has renal failure. Ask God to heal Pedda. Pray, too, for Upendra. Cancer has ravaged his body, and doctors are now telling him that treatment will involve surgery to have a portion of his leg removed. Pray for this young man as he deals with this devastating disease.

Comfort for the bereaved.

Our hearts are so heavy. On August 23, Pastor Prasad’s wife, Sampoorna, passed away, after contracting dengue fever only ten days earlier. In addition to her husband, Sampoorna leaves behind three teenage daughters and one son. Please pray for this precious family as they grieve the loss of their wife, mother, and friend.

Sunday worship service starting in Odisha.

As he began to lay the groundwork for a new church in the village of Dengapadar, Pastor Isaac Majhi faced intense opposition from the locals. They didn’t not want him in their village, even going so far as to prevent him and a handful of new believers from gathering for worship on Sundays. Pastor Isaac never gave up on Dengapadar or his call to share the Gospel with those who live there. After months of resistance, village leaders are now open to the idea of Pastor Isaac holding regular worship services in Dengapadar. Please pray for many open doors, not only in this village but throughout Odisha, which is a notoriously difficult place for Christians to live.

Continued openness to the Gospel in Lankelapalem.

For the last two years, Pastor Raju Naidu has been sharing the Gospel in Lankelapalem, a village of 860 homes situated on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam. While some in the area have responded in faith to the saving message of Jesus, others have aggressively opposed the establishment of a Christian church in their community. Despite the opposition, Pastor Raju has never wavered, continuing to share the Gospel with those are willing to listen, and last Sunday, August 30, Lankelapalem Church gathered for worship in a new building that was constructed on donated land — the first church built in the village. Please pray for continued openness to the Gospel in Lankelapalem, and for Pastor Raju and his family as they make plans to move to the village.

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