Sing for Joy (VBS 2016).

Vacation Bible School (VBS) was conducted in Master’s fellowship, Vizag from May 2nd-7th 2016. Vision to conduct VBS is to sow the word of God in the little hearts. The Word to lead them, guide them, guard them and protect them in their life. The theme of VBS 2016 is “Sing for Joy”, (PS 98:4). The children are precious in the sight of the God and they should be joyful always.


Master’s Fellowship (MF) stood by the side of the children, and extended their support in all possible ways. Many came forward voluntarily to be as volunteers and teachers, they took care of the children and lead them along with the pastoral team all these six days. Beyond our expectation nearly 136 children attended the VBS, between the age group of 4 to 14 years. They are divided into three groups as: beginners (4-6years); primary (7-9years); and juniors (10-14 years).

VBS is a six day program of three hours per day. And each day is scheduled as:
• The day begins with praise and worship followed by classes.
• They were taught challenging life stories of John Hyde, Florence Nightingale and others from the Scriptures. Children’s material was given to them.
• Competitions for children was conducted from storytelling, memory verses etc., and prizes were awarded on the last day.


Parents attended on the last day of VBS and were thrilled how well it was conducted and how blessed their children were. God was so gracious and merciful that he took care of all the 136 children, and none of them fell sick inspite of the hot weather. It was God who made this program a big success. Thanks be to God and glory to Him alone.

A Response of a Child: When a question was asked, “Why God created man?” this is how one of the child responded. He said, because not any of the creatures that were created can utter a word, God created man and gave the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ God for everything.

Teacher’s Experience: As teachers, we had learned more than the children whom we taught. Their answers surprised me and even on the last day my class people came and said thanks. I always thought I should have gone to Bible College instead of Engineering so I can work for God every day. But I am now convinced that I can talk about God and be a fisher of men(children in VBS) anywhere I am and wherever I work.

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