The History of Master’s Home…

Our first home, a two-bedroom rented house for 25 kids.

…And the Need for a New Dormitory.

The children at Master’s Home have lived in many situations over the years. We started packing 25 children all over the floor in a rented two-bedroom house. Then we bought a piece of land and built some temporary sheds to house our Home.

Leaky temporary dorms on our campus.

The temporary sheds proved cold and leaky. One day after a storm, our Director, Arjuna, showed up on campus to the sight of tired little kids who hadn’t slept due to the cold wet conditions. Arjuna’s heart was to provide these children the same love and care as his own two children had…and this certainly wasn’t cutting it. So he raised funds and built a dormitory.

The permanent three-story dormitory!

It was a palace compared to the temporary sheds! With four kids to a room and cozy bunk beds in place of cement floor it was like nothing these children had ever seen!

Today, however, our dormitory is bursting at the seams. Instead of four children to a room, we now have seven or in some cases, eight children in a room.

We need to build a new dormitory, and we need one soon. The new dormitory would enable us to open our doors to more children in need, and return to four children per room.

Today, 140 children call Master’s Home their home. If you would like to partner with us to build this dormitory so we can avoid overcrowding and open up more space to care for children, you can give online.

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