To Trust God Completely: Majesh Anthony’s Story

Majesh Anthony Story

God’s grace in the life of Majesh Anthony has been nothing short of amazing.

Now a full-time employee at Vision Nationals, Majesh’s journey to Vizag began in the southern Indian state of Kerala, where he grew up.

Born into a devout Roman Catholic family, Majesh was very religious as a boy, but his piety would be challenged when he left home to begin his undergraduate studies. No longer required to attend Mass or adhere to the teachings of the Catholic church, Majesh began drifting away from the virtues that defined his upbringing and started dabbling in alcohol and other intoxicants as a means of escape.

During this season of wandering, Majesh’s father, a day laborer, became extremely ill, and Majesh was forced to come home. With his dream of becoming a college graduate now on hold, Majesh began working in the fields, hoping to make enough money to provide for his family’s most basic needs.

A hard worker, Majesh did all he could to care for his loved ones, but his father’s mounting medical bills sent his family to the brink of insolvency. Majesh, now desperate for help, started reading the Bible. It was there, in the pages of Scripture, that Majesh began to hear the still, small voice of God. And according to Majesh, God’s instructions were unambiguous: Leave your life of sin and trust me completely. Without delay, Majesh responded to God’s gracious invitation, and a short time later, in April 2004, he was baptized.

Following his conversion, God continued to speak to Majesh, but this time he responded more slowly, cautiously. A call to vocational ministry was not what Majesh had in mind, but God made it clear on more than one occasion that Majesh’s future was in the church, serving in some capacity. Finally, in 2008, after nearly four years of running from God, Majesh surrendered yet again to the still, small voice. A year later, he enrolled in our college and began studying for ministry.

Today, Majesh holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree and works with our team in India. A bright student and capable minister, Majesh said his dream is to “go for higher studies, serve as a teacher, and get involved in church ministry.” It is our prayer that his dream will be realized.

Your generosity makes stories like these possible. By supporting our ministry, you empower us to help students from materially-poor families earn their degrees. On behalf of Majesh, Kumari, Srinu, Lavanya, Prasad, Padma, and so many others, thank you for giving to Vision Nationals.

Since 1992, Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for orphans and widows in India. Through your prayers and financial gifts God has graciously sustained our work.

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