Top Nurse in a City of 3 Million

Recently, we checked in with a three of the young men and women who Vision Nationals has sponsored to complete their college degrees. Two of them, Amarendra and Praveen, were children at Master’s Home that – like all our kids – we encourage and support to attend college.

The third person we checked in with is Theresa. Her story is different. She did not attend Master’s Home, but approached Vision Nationals after her high school to see if we could help make her dream possible. Here’s her story in her own words:

“After I completed High School my desire was to become a nurse, but because we did not have any money instead I thought I would need to work. I also could not get a bank loan because we did not have any property for surety.

Deep down in my heart I knew God was going to provide me the needed money for my nursing degree. The day before the deadline to join in the Nursing College I fasted and prayed from 7.00am-4.00pm asking God to help me. The next morning I was called by the administration of Vision Nationals’ Master’s Home. They told me they will sponsor me for my studies!

That same day, I joined the Nursing College in 2006. I have now completed my studies in June 2011. After my graduation I worked in King George Hospital, the largest government hospital for more than a year. Afterwards, I joined in Gandhi Cancer Hospital and am working till this date.

I thank God for Master’s Home and Vision Nationals. Without whose help I could not have gone to college. I am what I am today because of God’s grace to me through Master’s Home.

Each year, the city hospitals in Vizag City (population 3 million) give three prizes to the best nurses. This past year, Theresa received one of these awards for ‘Appreciation for Outstanding Performance in Nursing Services’. What a privilege for us to have sponsored the top nurse in our city!

Vision Nationals’ ministry is unique in that we support our children through college, until they secure a job and can provide for themselves. One of our graduates, Srinu, is currently in Medical School. If you would like to sponsor a child or donate toward the college education of students like Theresa, you can give online. Email Karla for more info.

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