Two Photos, One Hope

A new well and a thriving church, both pictured here. Clean water and living water offered within a stone’s throw of each other. Lives changed both now and forever.

That’s what I saw in Vadavalasa when I was there four weeks ago. And as I walked down the narrow and uneven dirt road that winds through the village, I felt so much gratitude — and awe.


Little more than a decade ago, Vadavalasa was unreached. This Sunday upwards of eighty people will gather for worship. A few months ago, the village didn’t have a working well. Today, safe drinking water is available to all.

It’s an amazing turnaround, and proof that together we can make a difference for the people of India.


Because you care about our ministry and the precious people we serve, there’s a well and a church standing in a poverty-stricken community half a world away. That’s extraordinary.

Generosity changes lives; it brings hope to the places where it’s needed the most. That’s the lesson I learned in Vadavalasa.

As the curtain drops on 2015, be encouraged, knowing that your support — whether spiritual, financial, or both — has, in fact, changed lives.

Since 1992 Vision Nationals has been planting churches, training nationals, and caring for India’s most vulnerable. Donations to support our work are greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be designated to the ministry, fund, or project of your choice.

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