Vision Nationals’ Goals for 2013

A new year is before us with amazing opportunities and challenges for us as a ministry!
We have two large goals for 2013 that we’d like to share with you.
These goals mean real change in the lives of real people, and we want you to be part of it!

Clearview Dormitory

#1 Creating Space – Dorm Need
Clearview Dormitory is home for the 140 children in Master’s Home and the 75 students at Master’s College. You can read how this dorm came about here. It was designed to house 4 kids or 2 college students per room. However, our rooms are currently at twice their capacity.

Girls inside Clearview Dorm.

This makes our Dorm Project our number one priority for 2013! We have plans for a five-story, 30,000 square foot building, which we can build for only $20 a square foot! You can see the layout of this building here.

This means we need to raise $600,000 for the completion of this project. We hope to break ground on this project in the fall.

#2 Ten Thousand Churches
In 2013 we want to bring 100 more church planters into our Ten Thousand Churches family. That means finding 100 sponsors for these men!

Church opening service in Paderu.

Through these men, and those already with us, we are praying to see 40 new churches planted in 2013! Two of these churches will be urban churches planted in Vizag City. The remaining churches will be scattered throughout our state of Andhra Pradesh and also Odissah State to the north of us where we are pioneering a new work.

The vast majority of the growth in our churches is through people meeting Jesus, not Christians leaving their church to join one of ours. New churches mean lives changed by Jesus!

A brief glace through the stories on our blog will show real change in the lives of real people. People like Theresa – who couldn’t afford college but is now the top nurse in Vizag, or Pastor Bujji – who was terminally sick, met Jesus, got healed and now lives to preach the Gospel and plant churches.

In all we do our goal is to see as many people as possible meet Jesus. We invite you to prayerfully and financially join with us to see real change in real lives in 2013!

To give to the dormitory project please click here. To sponsor give to Ten Thousand Churches please click here.

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