What Happens When a Student Fails High School?

Master’s Home for Children is the only children’s home in our entire city that educates its children through college. We work hard to ensure our children have marketable skills, and we help them secure a good job before we send them on their way. If you’re curious about what happens after our kids leave our Home, you can read this post about two young men from Master’s Home, or this post about Theresa, the top nurse in Vizag City.

The door to college only opens for students who score well on their High School Exams. We have posted before on the educational system in India and the critical importance of securing high marks on the standardized High School exit exam.

So the question becomes: What happens to the students who fail High School?

God has blessed Master’s Home above and beyond all our expectations! Evidence of his blessing is the fact that in 14 years, we have had only one student not pass the High School exit exam.

In such a case, if the student has failed in only one subject, they can re-take that portion of the test that same year. If they have failed in more than one subject, they must wait until the following year and re-take the entire exam. That was the case with our one student. They remained on campus and studied an extra year, passed the exam the follow year, and continued on with their education.

In the event that a student did not want to continue their education, for whatever reason, the caretakers at Master’s Home would meet with the student and decide together what form of employment they would like to pursue. One young lady with us did pass her high school exams, but decided she did not want to continue studying. We arranged for her to apprentice with a tailor so she would have a marketable skill after leaving our home.

In every situation, our goal is that our children would leave our care able to provide for themselves and their families!

As the years go by, we have more and more young men and women in Master’s Home attending colleges. Because of this, the cost of sending our kids to college grows each year. If you would like to sponsor the college education of one of our Master’s Home children, please email Karla. Generally, the tuition and fees for one year of college run around $1,000.

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