Widowed Young

When you think of a ministry to widows, most people envision a woman with greying hair, grown kids, and perhaps even grandchildren. But this is not always the case. For some women, widow-hood comes early. Too early.

For one woman, the loss of her husband came when their daughter was still a small child. A single mom with a small child is hardly in a position to work…who will care for her daughter during the long work day? The situation is more than stressful for these mothers as their options are to stay home to care for their children, and starve in the process. Or leave their young children at home, alone, for hours upon hours while they work menial jobs so the both of them can eat.

Thankfully, this lady’s situation was brought to our attention and we were able to help her make ends meet. Shortly after we met, her daughter was old enough to enroll in our pre-kindergarden class at Master’s School. Now her daughter has access to an education as well as a safe place to spend the day. This frees up her mother to find a job to help support the family.

Praise Jesus for the opportunity to impact the lives of the widows in our city!

Vision Nationals cares for over 50 widows throughout Vizag City. If you would like to sponsor a widow for $15 a month you can give online, or email Karla.

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