Women of Prayer(at the Master’s Feet)

A one day retreat for women was held on April 8th, 2016, at Master’s Fellowship, Visakhapatnam, under the theme “At the Master’s Feet.” TIMG_0374his is the first retreat held for women in our church. Through an encouraging and motivating message delivered by Mrs. Ratna Grace on the theme, “At the Master’s Feet” all the delegates in the retreat were greatly blessed.

The main purpose of the retreat was to encourage women towards spiritual growth through spending quality time with God, so that they can play their role effectively in their family. The importance of the role of women in the lives of their children and husband was very strongly emphasized. As such, in order to have positive godly impact on the lives of the children and husband it is important to spend quality time at the feet of the Master just like Mary did. In spite of the pressure of work at home and/or workplace it is important to give priority to be with God. These are some of the things that was emphasized by the speaker. IMG_0361

This retreat being the first of its kind in Master’s fellowship specifically for women, it also opened their eyes to understand the purpose of their lives- the purpose of why God created them, being women and mothers what role can they play in their families towards drawing their family members closer to God.

Towards the end of the retreat there was a time of sharing from the delegates, many of whom testified how this retreat has helped them.

One of the new believes said, she struggles with her husband and his life style. Though she shared the gospel to him for the last few years he did not give up his habits and take care of the family in a respectful manner. Therefore the whole family had suffered. But in this respect she said, now I know my role as a mother and wife is so important to bring change in my family. I am reminded thaIMG_0343t God has a purpose for me to learn in all this and also I need to seek God and wait on Him continually till my prayers are answered. I know now there is hope in God and I am His chosen instrument to bring change and blessings into my family.

Having heard this testimony, there was another who testified and said, I came to faith about twelve years back and I have been praying for my husband since then. I had fasted and prayed continuously, shed tears many a times and God did open the door finally and now my husband had trusted Christ and now worships with her every week.

God is at work. Paul said it clearly, “for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Phil 2:13).

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